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Extra Services Tailored To Your Home

Pressure Washing

Do you have a driveway, wood deck or siding on your house that needs a good pressure washing to bring it back to life? It's time-consuming and not everybody has a pressure washer. Good news! We have a pressure washing cleaning service and we would love to get that dirt & grim off to give your house that curb appeal home buyers are looking for when they walk up.

Outside Light Fixture

We all have those outside light fixtures and because they're outside you'll notice a collection of dead bugs, dirt covering them. Not so appealing is it? We provide an outside light fixture cleaning service, cleaning the exterior of the light fixture only, give your light fixtures that appeal back and shine bright again.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Your ceiling fans will collect dust and after awhile that dust will be hanging over the sides. Imagine that dust just spreading around your house when you turn it on. Just add our ceiling fan cleaning service & we will take care of it for you.

Screen Cleaning

Your window screens do their job and keep bugs, debris, & some dirt off your windows but start to look really dirty. Add our screen cleaning service to your window cleaning service so we are not putting dirty screens over your professionally cleaned windows. Wouldn't make sense would it? You'll save money too by adding another service.

Window Track Cleaning

When dirt & bugs hit your window much of that will start to collect in your window tracks and could fall into your house when you open your windows. Add our window track cleaning service to your window cleaning service leaving your windows from top to bottom fresh & clean. Remember you save when you add another service.

Skylight Cleaning

Just like your windows, your skylights work so much better if they're cleaned so more light can pass through them but who wants to clean them? We do so let's add it to your list of cleaning services for us to complete.
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Take Back Your Time

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When you’re busy with work, family, church, volunteering, etc many times you are focusing on others so you sacrifice time for yourself or your home. As a husband, father, church member, volunteer, I completely understand that sacrifice. Sometimes you just don’t have the right ladder or cleaning equipment, like a pressure washer, & that could get very expensive.

As the owner of Hartmann Window Cleaning, LLC I want to offer our additional cleaning services to get some of those “I’ll get to them later” cleaning projects. For example, the dust building up on your ceiling fans, the dirt & dead bugs covering your outside light fixtures & windows screens, the grim buildup & discoloration of your back patio or driveway, the build up off dirt in your window tracks, dusty chandeliers, dirty mirrors, etc.

Almost every customer chooses to add on at least a couple of the services on top of their window & gutter cleaning service. They all were glad they made that choice & scratched it off their “To Do” list.

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