Top 10 Reasons Gutter Cleaning Benefits your Home and Family

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Hartmann Window Cleaning, LLC in Fort Worth is a 5-Star customer rated veteran-and-teacher-owned business who believes gutter cleaning benefits your home and family. We understand that after a long day or week at work your gutters are not at the top of your priority list or we believe most people just generally do not think about it until it’s too late. Out of sight so out of mind! We get it and before we did this for a living we were in the same boat and just wanted to come home and spend time with our family or never really thought about our gutters until they were causing problems.

Gutters helps safeguard your roof, ceilings, walls, doors, and foundation from water damage around your home. Gutters also help protect your patios and fascia from staining and decay from water and your basements from flooding. Your beautiful plants, flowers and landscape below your roof can stay beautiful as gutters help minimize soil erosion and damage by draining water away from them.

Yes, having gutters in place are beneficial and work great if your gutters are clear from leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris or items that would clog them up. Making sure you have a routine schedule for gutter cleaning will not only make sure you’re not clogged up but it also makes it easier to clean out. Most importantly, you and your families health depend on your gutters working properly.

If you are a homeowner and you’re trying to decide whether or not you need gutter cleaning services and why it is beneficial to you and your family, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list below of the top reasons we believe routine gutter cleaning benefits your home and family. These reasons may have never really crossed your mind about your gutters but it will when it start causing problems.

1. Gutter Cleaning Helps Prevent Water Damage To Your Home

Not having a proper gutter cleaning is one of the top reasons for structural water damage to homes. Water damage is the leading cause of home repair. The sole purpose for having gutters and spouts is to channel water away from your home and foundation that is coming off your roof.

If your gutters and spouts are not cleaned out and allowed to become clogged, this will cause a flooding of your foundation and reduces the integrity of your home. Clogged up gutters and spouts from debris buildup not only causes foundation issues but water can start leaking into your roof. Once water leaks into your roof it then spreads causing other major issues like damage to your homes fascia board, ceilings, walls, and other areas you can’t see.

You must not leave your gutters and spouts clogged up as this will start to cost you money and reduces value in your home. Gutter cleaning is one of the top ways to maintaining the integrity of your home’s structure.

2. Gutter Cleaning Prevents Pests From Making A Home And Causing Damage

Gutter Cleaning is the process of removing leaves, twigs, wet dirt & other debris which will allow water coming from the rain and roof to flow through gutters and the drainage spouts.

Additionally, the debris compiling in your gutter may start to decompose to form an organic matter which helps the growth of fungi, tree seedlings, and other types of plants. It is well known that clogged gutters make for a perfect breeding ground for pests like rats, mosquitoes and other insects which may carry harmful diseases.

Lastly, if you have tree seedlings growing out of your gutters or roof this is just not aesthetically pleasing and most importantly it causes damage to your roof. If gutter cleaning is done on a consistent basis this will ensure the elimination of the dirt needed for plants to grow and nesting areas for pests.

3. Gutter Cleaning Avoids Ruining Your Garden And Landscape

Your landscape is a crucial part of improving your home’s aesthetics as it adds elegance to your home. Landscaping heightens the value of your home and makes it more habitable & comfortable plus it can add shade to your home helping control temperatures.

However, did you know that by not providing the gutter cleaning care your home needs it can lessen the value? If your gutters become full and clogged the water running down into them will fill up. The water will start to overflow or your gutters will become damaged and the water overflowing will destroy your beautiful plants or flowers, the soil will be eroded, and become an eyesore you will not enjoy coming home to.

In order to keep your beautiful flowers and plants from being destroyed and the soil eroded around them, you need to make sure you have routine gutter cleanings. During this cleaning process the spouts should also be cleaned and cleared. clean gutters and spouts will allow the rainwater to successfully route water away from your house and into areas where you want the water.

4. Gutter Cleaning Helps Prevent Basement Flooding

As we mentioned earlier, gutter cleaning allows for rainwater to successfully route water away from your home. Clogged gutters will not route rainwater away from your home causing an overflow of water and ultimately leaking into your basement. Now, I know there aren’t many homes in Texas that have basements so this could be more helpful for someone reading this blog from an area or state with homes built with basements.

If you have flooding into your basement you may experience damage to your furniture, electronics, carpet, interior decor & other household items. Most importantly, to your home & the people living there this can cause major health issues. The moisture from the flooding will cause mold and mildew growth and if you breath in the mold spores you could have an allergic reaction causing respiratory distress. Not good!

Gutter cleaning will lessen the chances of overflow and basement flooding because the rainwater will be routed away from your home to it’s designated area.

5. Gutter Cleaning Expands The Life of Your Roof

The life of your roof is important, which is another reason why your gutter cleaning should be just as important. When winter rolls around and we hit those freezing temperatures the water that leaked into your roof due to clogged gutters will freeze up trapping ice in your roof. This extra weight and stress can could cause roofing materials to start to fall apart or even collapse.

Furthermore, clogged gutters and spouts will keep water captive and the water will freeze as well. When the freezing occurs it forces your shingles apart making your roof vulnerable to leaking. You want to avoid this by having the water travel properly through your gutters and out your spouts which requires routine maintenance of your gutters.

6. Gutter Cleaning Enhances Your Family’s Health, Safety and Well-being

There are a few ways gutter cleaning enhances your family’s safety and well being. As Texas residents we know all too well about the troubles of mosquitoes. First, insects like mosquitoes and pests like rats love stagnant water and debris buildup from clogged gutters. If you don’t know, these insects and pests spread diseases and could just as well affect your family.

Secondly, the water in gutters can become contaminated and unsafe caused by decomposed organic matter, debris and other particulates. Most importantly, the growth of mildew and mold is increased by the existence of organic matter, which are very dangerous to your health.

I don’t think many of us would correlate gutter cleaning to health issues but now that you know please take this beneficial service into consideration.

7. Gutter Cleaning Helps Protect Your Home From Roof Leakage

Directing the water flow coming from your roof to a specified drainage area is the primary purpose of gutters which is why gutter cleaning is very important. By not having your gutters cleared out from clogging debris the water from the roof will not drain properly. The water will soon start to overflow into your your roof then into your home causing significant damage.

Once your roof starts leaking into your home you will soon start to see evidence of it. Some of the evidence will include saggy sheet rock ceilings, discoloration of your sheet rock, water drippings, and the decaying of material. These are clear signs you have water damage and it needs to be taken seriously as you run the risk of health issues due the growth of a serious fungus called mold. Again if you breath mold spores into your lungs you could experience respiratory distress especially those that have asthma or more serious health conditions, such as cystic fibrosis causing hypersensitivity to pneumonia.

8. Gutter Cleaning Helps Preserve The Elegance And Value Of Your Home

I believe most home buyers would view having gutters as an added value, especially those that have had proper gutter cleaning, because they help preserve the elegance of the home making it aesthetically appealing to buyers. First off, having the gutters you’re able to keep the water running off your roof from going down the side of your house causing a pattern of discoloration.

Secondly, if water gets into your the structure of your home due to clogged gutters and is not addressed there could be damages that are found only when an inspection is done. This could hold up a sell on your property or deter buyers and could become a more costly issue.

So if you plan on selling your home or rental property down the road you should really consider having gutter cleaning included in your ongoing maintenance. This will help preserve your home, keep everyone safe from health issues and make selling your home a much easier process.

9. Gutter Cleaning Can Be Dangerous In Many Cases

In our experience gutter cleaning is not just as easy as getting on a ladder to clean it out. Every home is different and the way your home is built could make a difference on how you go about the gutter cleaning process.

There are many things to take into consideration, so ask yourself a few questions.

  • What equipment do I need to properly and safely clean out my gutters?
  • Do I need to purchase a bunch of equipment like an expensive ladder?
  • What type and size ladder do I need?
  • Do I know how to safely use and climb up a ladder while cleaning gutters?
  • Do I need to remove gutter screens?
  • Do I have a safe process?
  • How do I ensure the gutters are working properly?

If you can’t answer the questions you may need to have a professional handle your gutter cleaning. There are many homeowners who will do this on their own which is great as long as you can do safely. I know people have really hurt themselves trying to save money doing it themselves. If you feel you can safely clean your gutters, go for it but if you think you can’t you can always contact Hartmann Window Cleaning, LLC.

10. Gutter Cleaning Will Expand The Life Of Your Gutters

Building experts say that routine gutter cleaning will expand the life of your gutters. You have to look at the cause and effect of a clogged gutter. If you have debris such as leaves, sticks, dirt and other particulates building up in your gutters this would naturally cause the weight to increase. Why is this important? Because the weight will eventually pull your gutters away from the fascia board and fall off or bend gutters which will then most likely need to be repaired as water will not flow properly at this point.

Another reason to keep your gutters clean is because when you have organic material just sitting in your gutters it may cause rusting and corrosion. This will eventually end in having to replace, especially if you are looking to sell your home. You want to protect the integrity of you home’s structure, preserve your home’s elegance and maintain the value, so taking the initiative to expand the life of your gutters will help accomplish this mission.

Remember the effects of not keeping your gutters clear of debris and other matters are damaged gutters, damaged fascia board, rusting and corrosion, water leakage into your roof and home, corrupted structure of your home, mold growth causing major health issues, inviting rodents like rats which spread diseases, invites insects like termites which will destroy your wood structure, or make a nesting place for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Basically, the effects are not worth leaving your gutters unchecked.

Let Hartmann Window Cleaning,LLC take the safety and responsibility of cleaning your gutters off of your hands. You can also add our other cleaning services like window cleaning, pressure washing, ceiling fan cleaning, and others.

Get your FREE Gutter Cleaning Estimate today to help prolong the health, safety, and elegance of your home! Remember to check out our latest monthly specials and our discounts for veterans, teachers, police officers, emergency medical service, fire department.

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